Incident at Oglala - The Leonard Peltier Story

An Introduction

Per Olsen, 
Ultimo January 2008 e.v.

For about 500 years this planet has shared what has become known as "The American Dream". For about 100 years, now, America has emerged as the world-leader. For about 25 years now this position as the world-locomotive has had no serious competition ... No! No! No doubt! -: History will see this time and age as perhaps "American Industrialism", "American Motor-period" at least "American" something.

At the heart of the American Dream, the American Miracle, (for the world has really changed a lot in these 500 years, eih?!) lies The Indian Pulse, the beat that set our European-African forebears a dreaming. The indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, North and South, have become the central Icon, the Voice, the great Spirit of the Freedom, Prosperity and Scientific Attitude Miracle that we encounter when establishing friendly, allied relations with that great, big world-champion: Unca Sam!

Denmark has had friendly, allied relations with America for many centuries, so when my daddy, back in 1967 e.v., took a whole lot of Indian childhood-games, we had had, and turned it into a more serious Human Rights Issue, he did no dreaming at all. And when the American Indian Movement (AIM) formed in 1968, I found it the right step for these people to take, & they have done a marvelous job! Even got so far as to have Amnesty International call "their man" the "# 1 Political Prisoner in the World" - And calling for his "immediate release"!

As I see  Incident at Oglala - what AIM aimed to stop at the Pine Ridge Reservation: Genocide. No one disputes the fact that the GOONS aimed at stopping traditionalist and activists, no one disputes the fact that a large number of just such people ended up dead & gone. So that does indeed spell: Political motivated genocide. Oh YEZ!!! I mean: Oh NO!!! - Get up! Stand up for your right! Don't give up the fight! - As Bob Marley would later immortalize the Human & Civil Rights Agenda.

Now 40 years later, I can safely state that my life-long interest in Indian Affairs has brought me not some exotic fancy or to forget my everyday toil & trouble in romantic dreaming, but has brought me right into the heart of these our global Modern Times. AND: When "The Lion-skinner" walks (and walk he will!) no one living under our "American Paradigm" will ever again see genocide as a way to go. And that will end 500 years of terror, hate and fear, bringing us all up to the level where we permanently love our world, ready kiss it all with a smile & all that jazz  ... you know that feeling too!?!

I have a dream! A firm belief! -: We - the subdued peoples of the world - will only yield lastingly to the American Reign if it proves it self worthy to the title "A Reign of Peace" by making a lasting peace with the Indian nations and tribes in its own back-yard. This, I think, brings us right to the case of Leonard Peltier. - He that leads the People! - He that walks on the Wind! -

Leonard Peltier has emerged as the chief "Chief" of these days, calling him The Indian Voice gives a clue: Locked away in a prison cell for more than 30 years, his Song & Sundance-Spirit has roamed the Earth and the Earth have listened.

However much we admire and respect Geronimo, Handsome Lake, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Seattle ... you name them, their names and deeds will stand as long as humanity stands - for they had and still have many-many friends - but-but: However much we admire these illustrious pioneers of the long and winding yet ongoing peace-process, in these our Modern Times, where the American Dream have brought us the Internet and its world-wide communities, this up to date "chief", this extremely wise, prudent and peaceful advocate of AIM-matters, Leonard Peltier, count his friends and allies in the millions. - We follow the process with calm but determined minds!

And with every day of his "wrongful imprisonment" his reputation and family of friends just grows and grows ... Now: thanks to the work of Human Rights activist Elsie Herten (at the KOLA Headquarter in Belgium ) and thanks to Ward Dossche, co-founder of Greenpeace Belgium, you can now view the Michael Apted / Robert Redford documentary "Incident at Oglala" free online. - Now: Look & Behold!

In the Spirit of KOLA (: friendship): Per Olsen -  Writing Pen -


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